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Don’t Just React to Problems, Get an Automation Roadmap

Gain process reliability and leverage emerging technologies by understanding your operations, processes, threats and opportunities.

Do you have a three- to five-year automation roadmap for your manufacturing operation? If not, I urge you to establish one. Regardless of the state of your plant today, there is value in going through the process.

If your facility is outdated and struggling, the benefits are obvious. But even if you run the highest tech facility around, it’s helpful to consider emerging technologies and how you might apply them down the road. Creating a roadmap to do this is a matter of understanding your operation, your processes and the threats and opportunities you face.

For most manufacturers, the reason they haven’t done this is that they get stuck in a reactive mode. Something breaks, so they fix it. In and of itself, of course, that’s necessary. The problem is when you do not address why things break, and all you ever do is fix things. As equipment ages, the breakdowns become more frequent. The fixes become harder. They take longer. Access to spare parts becomes increasingly limited. Valuable production time is lost every time. Continue Reading →