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Our clients trust us because we have a proven history of designing and integrating cutting edge technologies that increase efficiency and yield; reduce waste; accelerate time to production; and improve safety in the plant. In our more than 15 years in manufacturing automation we have worked with companies that make everything from jetliners to french friesWe collaborate with clients to deliver solutions  that support both the technical requirements of their manufacturing processes and the success of their businesses. Partner with experience and innovation.




Concept Systems Guide to Plant Modernization

Automation technology is changing manufacturing faster than the average plant can keep up. The good news is: you don’t have to… all at once.

The below guide to Plant Modernization will help you prioritize the most important upgrades, giving you an introduction to a number of automation technologies, including crucial considerations to take when planning a modernization endeavor.

Get Ready for Industry 4.0!

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The Trenton Howe Story

On August 23rd, 2018 Trenton Howe made plans with his mother for dinner and left for work, his role, a millwright at a local manufacturing plant. Trenton did not return home.

Trenton was killed while helping a coworker maintain a festoon machine, a piece of equipment that cools down rubber strips that are manufactured to be ready for shipping. Trenton entered the machine to perform maintenance, while it was under power, triggered a sensor, and got entangled in the machine. It was the type of accident that never should have happened.

It happened because safety measures were not in place to prevent it from happening. It happened because there was complacency around safety. It happened because Trenton trusted he was being protected and he was not. A lot went wrong that day that resulted in Trenton’s death and if any one of them had gone differently Trenton might still be here. Certainly, if simple safety measures had been in place or if operational safety measures had been taken, Trenton would still be here.

Trenton was a 23 year old man, a kid really by the manufacturing industry’s standards. His mom, Shannon, had raised him in Oregon and he was her only child. Trenton had a love for the outdoors and had a soft spot for animals. If he couldn’t get outside due to bad weather, he’d be inside tinkering with things like fly fishing hooks getting ready for better weather. Trenton was a funny and kind person who was beloved by many friends and most of all his mother. Trenton was born on December 16, 1995, the anniversary of which we are dedicated to reminding our friends in the industry of his story, to raise awareness of the importance of safety, in the hopes of preventing it happening to someone else.


In loving memory of Trenton Howe

Learn more about the Trenton Howe Story here.