What a Process Control System Looks Like and How it Benefits Your Manufacturing

A process control system involves ensuring that a continuous manufacturing process is predictable, stable, and consistently operating at the target level of performance with only normal variation.

A properly planned and executed process control system can yield incredible benefits to manufacturers. Here are just four of those benefits:

How Process Control Improves Safety

Regardless of the industry you serve or how high-tech your plant is, your most valuable resource is the people in your plant. Regardless of whether it’s your employees or visitors. This means that increased production or efficiency at the cost of safety is unacceptable.

You can leverage a properly implemented process control system to improve safety. Whether by implementing a true SIL safety-rated system, or by implementing interlocks and process improvements that improve operator safety.

Reduce Overhead Costs and Unplanned Downtime

Technological advancements and industry-standard best practices will streamline operator training, reduce labor force requirements, and make your process support systems and utilities more efficient.

Not only will a process control system reduce your expenses, but it will also improve your unplanned downtime by empowering your operators with actionable data to troubleshoot issues without needing a programmer.

Benefit from Increased Production Quality and Capacity

With properly tuned control loops, your process becomes more efficient and produces higher-quality products with greater consistency. Intelligent controls can also detect and correct process inefficiencies before they become issues, resulting in less operator interaction.

Also, with the right technologies and strategies implemented on your process control system, you will be able to startup your system faster when you do have planned downtime for maintenance activities.

Increased Process Visibility

A good process control system not only gives operators actionable data, but it will also give management actionable data through focused and customizable reporting that can be made available anytime, anywhere. Whether that’s on your cell phone when you’re out of the office or on your computer at the plant.

Feel that this data might fall into the wrong hands by making it so readily available? Have no fear, because the modern reporting suite will also implement user security standards that will restrict access to your integrated control system on a user-by-user basis.

Planning and Execution

If planning and execution is absent or lacking, it places all the potential benefits of the project in jeopardy. Time and time again, we see our customers focus so much on execution that they miss opportunities. Opportunities such as a chance to upgrade their planning.

Oftentimes an integrator is not brought in until the execution phase. This is a missed opportunity for the customer to leverage the expertise they need in the execution phase into their planning phase, resulting in improved project execution as well as improved system performance.

Concept Systems

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