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Whether the challenge is designing industrial casting for titanium or finding a faster way to cook your favorite foods, our time-proven methodologies and deep engineering expertise produce reliable, high-quality solutions that increase efficiency, reduce waste, accelerate time to production, and improve safety in manufacturing environments.  

In short, our equipment takes on the dull, dirty, and dangerous parts of the process so people can do their best work safely and effectively. 

We always aim to partner with clients that want to streamline their workflows and tap into a team with decades of experience in designing and integrating turnkey solutions. Each of our systems, customized or kitted, can help modernize your manufacturing processes, eliminate human error, and mitigate employment shortages.  

For our clients, that means more product and less waste — which translates to cost savings and higher margins. 

From potatoes to rocket ships, nuclear waste to jetliners, Concept Systems offers personalized support to help manufacturers work smarter, safer, and better.  

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Solving hard problems is what we thrive on. As a talented and technically adept team, we can problem-solve on the fly and take on challenges that others can’t.


We value the richness that people from different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences bring to our company culture and aim to continually diversify as we grow.


We know that greater efficiency contributes to a healthier environment and strive toward more sustainable practices whenever/wherever we can.


We respect, foster, and develop the individuals that make this place great. We are not owned by a large conglomerate or corporation and have not tied ourselves to any single niche, allowing us to offer a unique perspective to any situation.


Built on the backs of deeply experienced and knowledgeable individuals, we are a united team with an innovative spirit that works together to provide the highest-quality solutions.

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We employ a proven process to ensure that all requests or orders are completed on time, on budget, and to customer expectation. Through this we have created a tradition of project management based on real-world experience and open communication, and this helps us complete projects faster and maintain an up-to-date understanding of each other’s expectations and responsibilities. 

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Steve Strong


Jenny Johnston

Finance Director

Chad McDowell

Technical Resource Director

Staton Apple

Sales and Marketing Director

Heidi Holderman

Operations Director

Concept Systems Partnerships

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Since 2004, Concept Systems has proudly partnered with MECOP to bring educational engineering opportunities to students at Oregon State University, Portland State University, Oregon TECH, and the University of Portland. Through internships and real-world projects, we empower MECOP students to find success in the dynamic engineering field. Together, we shape the future of engineering by bridging academia and industry, nurturing talent, and fostering innovation. 

What Drives us

The Trenton Howe Story

On August 23rd, 2018 Trenton Howe made plans with his mother for dinner and left for work–his role, a millwright at a local manufacturing plant. Trenton did not return home.

Trenton was killed while helping a coworker maintain a festoon machine, a piece of equipment that cools down rubber strips that are manufactured to be ready for shipping. Trenton entered the machine to perform maintenance, while it was under power, triggered a sensor, and got entangled in the machine. It was the type of accident that never should have happened. 

It happened because safety measures were not in place to prevent it from happening. It happened because there was complacency around safety. It happened because Trenton trusted he was being protected and he was not. A lot went wrong that day that resulted in Trenton’s death and if any one of them had gone differently Trenton might still be here. Certainly, if simple safety measures had been in place or if operational safety measures had been taken, Trenton would still be here. 

Trenton was a 23-year-old man, a kid really by the manufacturing industry’s standards. His mom, Shannon, had raised him in Oregon and he was her only child. Trenton had a love for the outdoors and had a soft spot for animals. If he couldn’t get outside due to bad weather, he’d be inside tinkering with things like fly fishing hooks getting ready for better weather. Trenton was a funny and kind person who was beloved by many friends and most of all his mother. Trenton was born on December 16, 1995, the anniversary of which we are dedicated to reminding our friends in the industry of his story, to raise awareness of the importance of safety, in the hopes of preventing it happening to someone else.