Increase Efficiency with Robotics

Robots have been around for many decades, and robotic technologies continue to rapidly advance. Today, robotics are used to increase the efficiency of all kinds of manufacturing processes.

Today’s robots use sensors that enable them to see, hear, and even feel their surroundings. Robots are capable of adapting and making decisions to respond to real-time operating conditions and situations. The potential for robotics in manufacturing across all industries is endless.

Robots add significant value to manufacturers due to their reliability, predictability, and repeatability. All of which result in increased efficiency for the production line and ensure manufacturers remain competitive.

Efficiency gains with robotics can be realized through a variety of means. Below are some of the most common ways manufacturers use robots to increase productivity.

Increased Through-put

Robots can manufacture higher volumes in a shorter time period. Automated processes can work 24/7 with no fatigue and only occasional outages for maintenance – all without sacrificing quality or quantity! This is obviously faster and higher quality than human operators can perform.

Additionally, robots are typically more flexible than humans as changes can simply be programmed into the automation software. This eliminates the need for personnel training and providing a quick turnaround for product or production changes.

Higher Quality and Efficiency

Robots provide precise and high-quality work by reducing the potential for human error and fatigue. Robots allow for early identification of potential issues.

In addition, automation increases the repeatability of production and helps ensure the final product does not vary. More concisely put, automation improves quality control!

Decreased Downtime

In addition to the efficiency gains already discussed, automation allows companies to collect valuable data from the production line that can be used to improve maintenance.

Predictive maintenance is a relatively new approach where real-time data is used to identify potential issues and alert when maintenance is needed. This further reduces production downtimes and elevating efficiency.

Robotics Improve Safety

Safer operating conditions translates to fewer downtimes and lost work hours, resulting in increased efficiency.

Improved personnel safety is a big benefit of robotics as well. Operators no longer need to perform hazardous tasks such as picking up heavy objects or tasks with repetitive motion. Operators are safer when these types of tasks are performed by robots.

Additionally, robots can operate in harsh environments where humans cannot work such as handling hazardous chemicals or being exposed to radioactive materials. Robots are capable of handling these types of materials with care and caution. Therefore avoiding any safety concerns for personnel and any potential mishandling losses caused by human error.

Improved Personnel Usage

Automation frees up human resources to focus on more important, value-add demands, better utilizing their talents and improving overall efficiency. There is often a concern that automation robotics will replace humans in the work force. However, this has not been the case historically as human personnel are still needed to oversee robots on the factory floor.

Additionally, in some cases, the use of robots in manufacturing has decreased costs significantly. It has given rise to the “reshoring” of some manufacturing to the U.S. instead of sending the production overseas.

Concept’s Robotic Solutions

Concept Systems is 100% committed to maintaining current, state-of-the art equipment that allow customers to achieve competitive manufacturing today and tomorrow. By evaluating your robotic platform, part handling conditions, tolerances, and throughput requirements, we collaborate with you to deliver the right solution.

Concept has expertise in a variety of robotic solutions including machine vision, end of arm tooling, vision inspection, material removal, and work cell design and integration. With the technologies available today there are countless robotic and machine vision applications that can help you address your business challenges. From basic picking and sorting to enhanced vision inspection, from custom built end of arm tooling to complete work cell design and integration. Our team of expert engineers design and integrate solutions that enhance the efficiency and profitability of your operations. Our experience ranges from handling steel to paper to space craft parts to battery assembly.

Leverage the advances in technology to improve your manufacturing – contact us today to see how we can help!