A Medley of Success: Achieving high production rates and efficiency for a top frozen vegetable producer.

An HMI Upgrade Case Study

Achieve high production rates and efficiency with a HMI upgrade

National Frozen Foods wanted an HMI upgrade for a vegetable blending system that used a dial system to manage the ratio of vegetables. It consistently receives top-level food safety scores and meets strict US Department of Agriculture guidelines. It wanted to do even better, as it achieved its goal of processing vegetables within four to six hours after harvest.

The Problem: Outdated Dial System

The dial system was imprecise and the client also wanted more enhanced diagnostics. It was using a six-hopper/bin/feeder system with each feeder supplying a different vegetable.

The Solution: A User-Friendly HMI Upgrade

The upgraded system allowed operators to enter the required vegetable ratios, adjust the master speed and select the appropriate conveyor belt through a user-friend Human-Machine Interface (HMI) that Concept Systems’ developed. Because diverter gates could direct product to different processing lines, the system was highly customizable. New status maintenance and diagnostics screens make troubleshooting easy.

The Results

The C Line Controls upgrade provided increased consistency and flexibility while easing maintenance concerns. National Frozen Foods continues to be one of the world’s top quality frozen vegetable producers, offering high production rates.

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Project Details


Less Than 12 Months


Client: 1

Concept Systems: 2 engineers

Technology Used

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 40 Ethernet drives

CompactLogix PLC


PanelViewPlus (10-inch)