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An Introduction to Plant Modernization

The future is here. And it’s transforming business operations.  

In recent years, automation technologies have exploded, creating new opportunities for manufacturing plants to increase production, establish sustainable processes, and boost profits.

With all these options, how do decision-makers balance big production goals, prevent downtime, and prioritize business growth?

Begin with an automation roadmap

With a clear understanding of business goals and obstacles, your team can develop a three-to-five year plan to push the envelope of your factory production. An automation roadmap details how you will address immediate pains, like outdated equipment, while outlining the best cutting-edge automation integrations that will bring plant-wide operations into the future.

Plant modernization provides solutions to mitigate risk, diversify product lines, ensure quality, and achieve many other production benchmarks.

Escape the daily stresses of being stuck in reactive mode; follow an automation roadmap.

While you assess your plant operations and decide on big business goals, consider the below emerging plant modernization technologies.

Network Architecture


 As the demand for data multiplies, network systems that are patched together will become a huge hindrance to plant operations. That is why many manufacturers are choosing to invest in a seamless, thoughtful network architecture. A system that can handle all this data will give manufacturers the ability to make critical real-time decisions and, ultimately, increase profits.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) & IIoT

With enough bandwidth, a SCADA-powered software integration may be the solution to ease plant pains. A programmable logic controller, or PLC, can communicate with a number of common factory machines. Then, a SCADA integration can aggregate and display the data. The combination provides endless system capabilities:

  • Monitor equipment status in real-time
  • Give plant leaders universal access to information
  • Create custom reports and notifications


As plant equipment ages, it becomes more and more difficult to find replacement parts – even on auction sites like E-bay.

For those manufacturers who are working with equipment a few decades old, replacement parts may no longer exist or can cost thousands of dollars more than they were bought for originally. The best approach to combat obsolescence is to replace parts before they’ve failed on you – and while they are worth replacing.

Controls Upgrades & Robotic Vision

Intelligent machines are finding homes in more and more factories, helping plants meet their unique production needs. Machines are getting faster, can scan and see environments similar to a human, and are processing data in ever-advancing ways.

When it comes to plant growth, keeping up with client demand is only the beginning:

  • Increase productivity
  • Boost efficiency, accuracy, and reliability
  • Decrease material waste
  • Earn more profit
  • Better plant safety

Still don’t know where to begin? Read the Concept System’s Guide to Plant Modernization where we dive deeper into the most innovative automation technologies.

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