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Manufacturing Intelligence

Applies to software used to bring a corporation’s manufacturing-related data together from many sources for the purposes of reporting, analysis, visual summaries and passing data between enterprise-level and plant-floor systems. As data is combined from multiple sources, it can be given a new structure or context that will help users find what they need regardless of where it came from. The primary goal is to turn large amounts of manufacturing data into real knowledge and drive business results based on that knowledge.

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership with Standards

There are at least six valid reasons manufacturers should implement standards that outweigh the costs of creating them.

In my years of involvement in the automation industry it is surprising to me how rare it is to see standards implemented on the manufacturing floor. I am referring specifically to hardware and software standards that relate to control system platforms, manufacturing intelligence and networking.

The primary reason given to me by manufacturers for not standardizing is that it gives them the ability to leverage vendors against one another to ensure they are getting the best pricing. I contest that any incremental savings they see by doing this are far outweighed by the increased total cost of ownership they incur by not standardizing. Continue Reading →