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lengthscan-vidA wood products application designed by Concept Systems. It eliminates unnecessary waste with your bucksaws. By providing length-based solutions, accurate to ± 1 inch, operators are able to make more precise bucking decisions faster. This improved accuracy enables operators to better use the stem, minimizing trim waste. Furthermore, with accurate length information, the stem can be processed such that trim waste is taken off the small end, salvaging volume at the large end. Mills using LengthScanPro have reported production increases of 5 percent, based on improved operator decision times and reduced waste.


Concept Systems originally designed BoardHound, which was to be used in the wood products industry to track measurable realtime data with speeds up to 3,000 fpm. BoardHound is a cross-industry product that is configurable to similar applications in any industry.

boardhound-vidIn wood products applications, BoardHound reliably tracks board information from your planer/edger to your trimmer. It does this by applying a series of invisible fluorescent marks on the wood at speeds up to 3,000 fpm as it travels through the sensing equipment. BoardHound then reads the marks back off the wood at the trimmer infeed and correlates the original measurement with the board. BoardHound is capable of tracking all manner of data such as detailed stress information and moisture. Since each mark defines a record number, not the actual data, there is no practical limit to the amount of information that can be tracked with each board. The type of data that can be tracked: stress, moisture, thickness/width, optimizer solutions. If you can measure it, BoardHound can track it.


A robotic tagging system that eliminates the risk of losing track of billets in the manufacturing process. The automated system welds an identification tag, typically containing manufacturing data in human-readable and barcode form, to each billet on the fly, as it is conveyed from the caster. BilletID is the most flexible system on the market, integrating with the existing line (typically without mechanical modification) and capable of tagging billets, blooms, blanks, rounds and slabs. BilletID is capable of being applied cross industry in similar applications.

billetid-vid shop-testing-vid

Visually Aided Robotic Pick and Place

robotic-vThis video demonstrates the integration of an ABB robot using a Robotiq 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper in combination with a SICK laser. The laser identifies the orientation of the randomly placed parts and allows the robot to determine how to pick it up, move it, and put it down in an organized manner. By integrating these technologies, Concept Systems has created an organized fully robotic system for picking and placing unorganized parts, allowing for full efficiency and allowing manufacturers to make more.


robotic-vThe Fully Automated Car Door Opener.

The RailHawk system is designed to scan the pit infeed as cars are indexed in. Advanced algorithms are used to identify capstans that pass by. When a capstan is detected, its orientation is recorded and its position is tracked through the entire pit. An automated Car Door Opener (CDO) is then dispatched to the capstan, where it automatically aligns, inserts, and opens the gate.

Since the RailHawk continually scans & tracks each railcar, the system has the flexibility to operate on cars that are coupled, uncoupled, stationary, or in motion. In addition, the system will detect when the grain is unloading and – when unloading is complete – it triggers the gate-closing sequence automatically.