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Best Remote Monitoring System for Industrial Automation

Why is Remote System Monitoring Important?

Regardless of what you operate, understanding when, what and why a problem occurs will change your bottom line. Remote system monitoring provides a consistent and secure solution to monitor equipment and collect valuable performance data. Real-time performance analytics are provided to plant managers and other personnel, providing insight into the health of the equipment and operations as well as providing alerts when performance falls outside of defined parameters. Remote system monitoring for industrial automation helps manufacturers reduce overall cost by minimizing downtime, improving productivity, and streamlining maintenance. Below is some additional information about the benefits manufacturers reap when employing a robust remote monitoring program.

  • Minimize Downtime:downtime is incredibly costly to manufacturers in terms of revenue loss but also in terms of less tangible effects such as loss of customer trust. Remote monitoring ensures your equipment is being tracked 24/7 and that you will be notified the moment a potential issue arises.Email and text alerts allow you to immediately address the issue, and in many instances, prevent the downtime from occurring at all!  Additionally, root cause analysis allows companies to identify the cause of a downtime event in order to prevent reoccurrence.  A remote monitoring program is a cost-effective solution to increase equipment reliability, increase productivity, and elevate customer service levels.
  • Valuable insights:remote monitoring readily provides analytics to help manufacturers better visualize trends and performance over time – allowing personnel to make more informed decisions regarding equipment health and efficiency. Dashboards can be customized to ensure real-time access to all the necessary graphs, reports, and alerts.
  • Predictive Maintenance: it is imperative that all operating equipment are well-maintained and checked routinely to ensure optimal health. Remote system monitoring can track equipment parameters such as vibration and temperature and alert manufacturers when a parameter is trending outside of the unacceptable range, well before the issue causes a shutdown. Additionally, remote monitoring can further optimize maintenance costs since maintenance services will be performed when they are needed instead of simply when they are scheduled.


Given the advancement in remote system monitoring technologies in recent years, many manufacturers are seeking third parties to manage their remote monitoring programs. Outsourcing remote monitoring allows manufacturers to focus on their core competencies as well as tap into the expertise of external resources. A remote monitoring expert is able to identify problems and trends, as well as recommend cost savings steps and solutions, based on his/her experience at other locations. Lastly, outsourcing remote monitoring programs to a third party gives manufacturers peace of mind, knowing their operations and equipment are being tracked 24/7 by the experts!

WaveRider – Your Remote System Monitoring Solution!

Concept Systems has partnered with Wave7, which recently released the product WaveRider. WaveRider is a powerful, virtual VPN designed to deliver active alerts and downtime reports for a specific machine, a manufacturing line, or the entire production facility. WaveRider is a combination of a data collector you install in your equipment, WaveRider cloud service, and an application you load on your phone, tablet or PC.

  • Custom Email/Text Alerts: timely alerts are the first step in increasing profits, reducing downtime and improving capacity. Knowing you have a problem, or a condition that’s trending towards a problem, is important. Knowing it in near real time is vital. Active Alerts sends you text and email alerts on any condition you are interested in, and it is all completely configurable from your smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Downtime Trouble-shooting: imagine if every machine you operated gave you every downtime event, categorized and analyzed by impact. Imagine if the info was delivered to any device you own in real time, and was available anywhere.
  • Secure and Fast Remote Access: Regardless of location, your engineers can access all of your equipment using our highly secure WaveRider VPN service. WaveRider uses 128bit encryption, is cloud based, and works well with customer firewalls. Use WaveRider from your cell, tablet or PC, load your favorite software, and fix the issue in minutes.


WaveRider is not a toolkit, but rather a completely developed service that monitors your equipment. WaveRider lets you Listen, Understand and Act, all within seconds, not days. Contactus today to select your WaveRider plan and start employing the best remote system monitoring for industrial automation!


Additional Automation Support Offerings from Concept Systems

At Concept Systems, we understand that every investment your company makes is important to your success, and we consider client success our top priority. To ensure that your manufacturing automation investments help you achieve your goals, we protect your assets with Concept OnSupport. OnSupport is around-the-clock assurance that your machines are running as planned, and in the event, something changes, our 24/7 support will respond quickly and efficiently to restore production.


  • 24/7 Support: available anytime you have a question or issue. Call our toll-free technical support line, and we will get you the answers you need.
  • Online Customer Portal: search our knowledge base, submit and monitor a support claim, and reorder critical spares conveniently online from one location.
  • Annual Checkup: to keep your processes online, we conduct an annual onsite system checkup. Our experts will complete a full health analysis of your full system.


Contact us today to learn more about our remote monitoring and other industrial automation solutions!



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