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Our job is to listen – to understand your operation, your concerns and your goals – and then deliver the right solution. The right solution means you see measurable results and return on investment. We evaluate our success based on your success.

We strive to become a valuable and trustworthy partner who helps make your business stronger and more profitable.

the-pointOUR PEOPLE

Bright, well-trained, curious, personable.

Who you’ll work with

We work hard to recruit the best and brightest people we can find – not only those with technical know-how, but those who also have the ability to develop strong, effective customer relationships.


Customized, integrated, open, risk-appropriate.


Technologies we use

We encourage our staff to stay abreast of a wide range of existing technologies from advanced PLC Controls to robotics to the latest safety devices to 3D vision. By doing so, we can effectively guide our clients to the solutions that best meet their technical requirements and business objectives.

We carefully weigh the benefits of tried-and-true vs. leading-edge and “bleeding-edge” technologies for each project. We continually push the envelope through our Centers of Innovation where we rapidly test client ideas, innovative technologies, and prototypes of our own automation products.