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As the future of the manufacturing world turns to automation, modernizing your plant floor can be time consuming and costly. Our automation products provide you with accurate and repeatable results that impact your bottom line at a fraction of the cost of customized solutions. Equip yourself with the power to improve efficiency, increase profits, and encourage growth. Equip yourself with Concept Systems.


Collision Avoidance

As robot automation increases in popularity, so does the need to protect expensive parts, fixtures and end effectors from collisions. A robot collision in your manufacturing process can cost thousands of dollars in damaged product and associated downtime. Protect your most valuable assets with Collision Avoidance, using the latest in 3D Vision technologies our revolutionary software platform features multiple modes of operation and a friendly user interface.

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Automation Products - Collision Avoidance
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Dynamically offset path programs based on part orientation, identify parts in motion for specific handling, unique feature recognition – welcome to Scan2Path. We developed an innovative software platform designed to provide your robots with the flexibility to adapt to changing variables in manufacturing environments. Reduce costs, improve efficiency, increase profits.

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Manufacturing Intelligence

Eliminate downtime and boost production with the only end-to-end solution for remotely monitoring your industrial equipment assets. Wave7 gives you powerful, zero-infrastructure condition monitoring at a low-cost entry point. Start monitoring one location or thousands worldwide more effectively, and see the effect on your bottom line.

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Automation Products - Wave7
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Automated Coating

The robotic coating platform is designed to provide a simple, yet cutting edge solution for applying Cerakote coating products. The platform supports a wide range of applications from firearms to sunglasses to exhaust mufflers and more, allowing applicators to produce a high quality finish in a safe and efficient manner.

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Material Tagging

Our automated material tagging solutions/systems are designed to tag your products during production so they can be tracked throughout the manufacturing process. Whether you’re tagging steel, printing on building products or marking automotive components, our automated material tagging systems will improve your quality and minimize your labor costs.

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Automation Solutions, Automation Products, Material Tagging
Automation Products - LengthScanPro


We understand the importance of optimizing production volume in wood manufacturing. With our expertise in laser scanning and machine vision, we offer profile measurements systems that dynamically adjust your equipment to yield maximum results. Real-time measurements of length, thickness, angles or other key dimensions will allow you to recognize improved quality and maximized profit.

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