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Our engineers thrive on challenge – the tougher, the better. Show us a problem; tell us your goals. We’ll dive into your manufacturing process and build a smart, precisely tailored automation solution. We’ve done it more than a thousand times already.



Our clients trust us because we have a proven history of designing and integrating cutting edge technologies that increase efficiency and yield; reduce waste; accelerate time to production; and improve safety in the plant. In our more than 15 years in manufacturing automation we have worked with companies that make everything from jetliners to french friesWe collaborate with clients to deliver solutions  that support both the technical requirements of their manufacturing processes and the success of their businesses. Partner with experience and innovation.



VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: Yeti FIRST Robotics Team 3506 Reveal

We’ve had the privilege of sponsoring this FIRST Robotics team again this year. The Yeti team consists of high school-age public, private, and home schooled students who have an opportunity to learn many hands-on applications of technology, presentations, and outreach. In addition to building their robot and participating in local, regional, national and world-wide competitions, the team raises awareness about computer science and engineering in its community at annual events like DigiGirlz, Battle of the Bots, DNC, CIAA, Airport Youth Day, and Geek Fest reaching thousands of people each year. To learn more about the team and its schedule, visit the Yeti website.

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