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Reduce Risk with a Main Automation Contractor

How a system integrator can provide greater value by acting as the manufacturer’s main automation contractor (MAC) to reduce project risk and maximize overall productivity.

Acheive Result through CollabrorationWhen it comes to improving your manufacturing process, automation is the most important element of creating a reliable system and maximizing its value. The world of technology can be very intimidating, and many manufacturers find it too costly to maintain internal expertise.

Relying on automation experts offers an efficient way to incorporate technology. A system integrator can provide tremendous value by acting as the manufacturer’s main automation contractor (MAC). Often the first focus of an automation project is on controls, because integrating them from project initiation adds value to your project. Then, you can tap into the creativity a MAC brings to design, its expertise at managing large complex projects, and its understanding of the various options available. By doing this, you not only reduce your risks, but also receive control systems that maximize your plant’s productivity.

A MAC takes the lead by overseeing all aspects of your project, resulting in a smoother and faster start up. In fact, our customers have shared with us that, for every dollar they invest in this model, they saved $10 on the back end because the plant started up properly the first time.

Three factors are key to achieving these results: 1) engaging a lead integrator early, 2) following a well-structured methodology and best practices, and 3) tapping into deep technical resources. Together, they create alignment and ensure the plant achieves its integration goals. Continue Reading →