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Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a term used when one company makes a part or subsystem that is used in another company’s end product.

How Automation and Control System Integrators can help OEMs

Long before I started Concept Systems with my partners, I worked for an OEM. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and although it has many meanings, in this context I mean a designer and builder of automation, manufacturing and process equipment for the factory floor. While my current business, control systems integration, is related, the two are distinctly different – and often complementary.

OEMs are typically focused on a particular industry and on particular products and technologies. When they do branch out it is with the intention of introducing a new product, something that can then be included as one of their standard offerings. But even when this happens, they rarely stray far from those industries and technologies they’re familiar with.

An automation and control systems integrator is a different animal. We see ourselves as technology experts and risk managers. We provide control, information and automation solutions to customers across many industries and in many applications. Continue Reading →

Robotic Cake Decorator

Concept Systems Supplies 3-D Vision System Retrofit for a Pair of Robotic Cake Decorating Lines

robotic-cakeConcept Systems in Albany, Ore., provides integration services and automation products to machine builder OEMs. These systems typically consist of robotic workcells with integrated machine vision and 3-D laser scanning.

Doug Taylor, project engineer at Concept Systems, describes how a robot with vision is being used to decorate cakes, saying, “We supplied a 3-D vision system retrofit for a pair of robotic cake decorating lines for a large bakery, replacing a 2-D camera system that only provided the center point of the cake (X-Y), but offered no Z-axis information whatsoever,” Taylor adds. Continue Reading →

How to Trust Your Integrator


Ranking of System Integrator Selection Criteria Price and global capabilities aren’t nearly as important as knowledge and relationship history when selecting a sytem integrator, according to a 2005 study.

A Machine Control System Should Not Only Perform to Expectations, but It Must Integrate Seamlessly into the Rest of the End User’s Operation

When we look at the reasons behind a failed industrial system integration project on an industrial machine, it typically wasn’t the control technology that failed. For any given integration project, there are multiple technologies that will do the job. The difference is in the application of the technology. And this comes down to the skills of the integrator and how well the integrator interacts and communicates with the machine builder and the end user. For the machine builder, it is doubly important. Not only must the machine control system perform to expectations, it also must integrate seamlessly into the rest of the end user’s operation. Continue Reading →