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Real-time, Actionable Data at a More Affordable Cost

wave7-ipad-200x160Concept Systems works with manufacturers in many different industries. And while they each face different automation challenges, there are some striking similarities.

One thing we see in common, especially with directors and executives, is the desire to have actionable data presented in a clear and concise dashboard. They want to be able to see instantly how a machine, a production line or an entire manufacturing floor is performing.

Often companies gather data after the fact – at the end of a shift, week or month. But that doesn’t allow managers to make decisions and corrections when they matter most. Companies that have easy access to real-time performance metrics can make timely decisions that have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Software providing this kind of information has been available for a while, but it typically has been offered via a large enterprise-wide platform. Concept Systems is excited to announce that this is about to change. Concept is proud to introduce Wave7’s Starter Kit, a powerful real-time performance data interface offered at a far more affordable price point.

Concept Systems’ sister company Wave7, has developed a software appliance that resides on top of a machine center control system, and provides Key Performance Indicator dashboards to Web-enabled computers or tablets and smartphones. The appliance has been designed to fill a visible need in the market – especially for small to mid-size organizations that are looking for lower cost and quick deployment.

To learn more about Wave7’s Starter Kit or to discuss some of the many ways Concept Systems is working with our clients to address their automation and business challenges, CONTACT US HERE.


Created for the wood products industry, BoardMark offers staple-free barcode application on board ends. This revolutionary board-marking system is designed to print barcodes directly onto the end of boards or a similar material. This is achieved by first laying down a thin coat of UV curable ink to act as a substrate for the actual barcode, preventing the ink from being absorbed by the wood fibers. The BoardMark-LB is a direct application of preprinted barcode labels on boards. It applies to any surface, including splits and rough-cut ends. The result is a simple, reliable, low-cost and low-maintenance solution for your barcoding needs. (VIDEO)