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Creating a Prioritized List for Your Automation Roadmap

Identify where existing capabilities are furthest from aligning with what will be needed to achieve business and production goals.

In my last blog, I urged manufacturers to establish an “automation roadmap” to help plan and prioritize technological upgrades over a set period of time.

As I travel and talk to customers, I am encouraged to hear that more and more folks are doing exactly this. Manufacturers, in general, understand how technology can boost quality, efficiency and production in their plants. And many of them are realizing the value of proactively deploying new technologies as they emerge. Maximizing these returns is what the automation roadmap is about.

With so many folks catching on, the chances are your competition has an automation roadmap in place, regardless of whether you have one or not. And simply put, if they have one and you don’t, you’re in danger of being outpaced.

No one wants to be left behind, so read on to learn how to get started.
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Actionable Information in Every Decision-maker’s Hands

iphone-oee-screen-line-downIf you are in manufacturing operations, you probably have an ever-growing thirst for factory floor data. And while the world around you seems completely connected, your plant is not. You have dozens, hundreds, perhaps thousands of plant floor assets that are operating in isolated silos. Your people are walking around with clipboards gathering production data, pulling quality reports, reading charts, collecting, collating, and compiling to provide some semblance of information. Or worse yet, you are going without any information at all. Where can you increase productivity? Reduce cost? Improve quality? Without ready access to actionable information you are losing out on a tremendous opportunity to improve your operation and your bottom line.

The Wave7 platform by NultyIQ is specifically designed to put actionable information about your assets into your hands in real time. This cost-effective platform is scalable; you can start with just one asset and add on from there. There is no need for a massive infrastructure; the Wave7 Droplets connect to your assets and communicate with each other forming their own network. Your data can be stored in the cloud, eliminating the need for investment in servers and storage. Wave7 is a native HTML5 application, which means it seamlessly integrates with all mobile devices so that you can access your plant floor information securely from your phone, iPad, or laptop. You can access this information securely from anywhere, at any time. Wave7 provides a variety of ways to turn your plant floor data into easy to understand, actionable information using modern, intuitive graphical displays and reports.

Contact NulytIQ today to learn more about Wave7 and how we can bring actionable information to you easily and cost-effectively.

About us: NultyIQ (pronounced NEW-LIT-IK, and short for new analytics) is a sister company to Concept Systems (, a national award-winning control system integrator and automation solution provider. NulytIQ exists to fulfill a single, focused mission: Turn data into actionable information in real time, driving bottom line gains for our customers. NulytIQ’s Wave7 platform is built on the experience and knowledge gained over 15 years of providing plant floor control and automation systems to hundreds of large and small manufacturers across a wide variety of industries. We saw a common theme: factories operate in small, isolated islands of automation. And the information products on the market supposedly designed to connect these silos were costly and complicated, requiring a huge initial investment in servers, databases, software, and licensing fees. They were also built on old technology, limiting their ability to serve today’s need for Big Data. Finally, these platforms were built to serve the needs of other industries, not the ones we were serving day in and day out. We decided to turn the market on its head and take a completely fresh approach to this challenge. That’s how and why Wave7 was born; to provide a cost-effective, flexible, scalable information platform built on modern software architectures.

Check NultyIQ out.