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UL Panel Shop & Fab

Custom in-house electrical panel and fabrication services, usually associated with a System Integrators’ Electrical Design and Drafting services department. Concept Systems offers the cutting-edge production techniques, tools and testing and delivers complete drawings and documentation for each custom panel. Concept Systems is a UL-508A, CSA, CE and UL-NNNY certified panel manufacturer.


A type of rotary electrical transformer used for measuring degrees of rotation. It is considered an analog device, and has a digital counterpart, the rotary (or pulse) encoder.


A technical standard that specifies electrical characteristics of a digital signaling circuit. Differential-mode signals can be sent at rates as high as 10 million bits per second, or may be sent on cables as long as 1,200 meters. Some systems directly interconnect using RS422 signals, or RS422 converters may be used to extend the range of RS232 connections. The standard only defines signal levels; other properties of a serial interface are set by other standards.

Electrical Design and Drafting

A part of top-tier system integrators’ service offerings, where electrical engineers, hand-in-hand with design services, provide custom electrical design and drafting services for maintaining and troubleshooting automation control systems. Concept Systems delivers complete AutoCAD drawings for all panels and enclosures and our team is highly experienced in UL-508A, CE, CSA, UL-698A, UL-NNNY standards.