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Project Methodology


All of our projects follow a proven process to ensure they are completed on time, on budget and to customer expectations. Our project methodology is based on real-world experience and ensures open communication, so all those involved have an up-to-date understanding of each other’s expectations and responsibilities. Our proven methodology helps us complete projects faster, so you are up and running sooner and have less downtime during any upgrade.

Phase A begins with a proposal and project kick-off. Teams are assembled and the system is designed.



Step 1

We work with you to define the overall scope of the project and the elements required to achieve the desired results. The proposal explains our duties and responsibilities and yours. It also includes cost and a schedule. Creating the proposal might take a few days or a few months, depending on the complexity and maturity of the project. Once you approve the proposal, the project can start.


the-pointProject kick-off

Step 2

We identify key players from Concept and your staff and organize the Project Team. We also develop a Project Management and Quality Plan, which includes a timeline and a delineation of responsibilities. The purpose is to ensure that we meet our obligations and deliver everything on schedule. It spells out how we will communicate and includes a method for handling any problems that may arise.


the-pointFunctional design

Step 3

Working closely with you, we detail the architecture and functionality of the system. Through meetings, conference calls and written communication we ensure that we clearly understand your specific requirements. This forms the foundation of all remaining design and development. The importance of this phase cannot be emphasized enough.


the-pointDetailed design

Step 4

While the previous phase determines what the system will do, this phase details how it will be done. We produce full electrical schematics, material lists, detail and assembly drawings, and complete software specifications. Our team provides a solution for every identified task in the project. You are then able to review these solutions before implementation.  This is the meat of the design efforts.

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