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Increased productivity is a key to staying competitive. As with the evolution of the smartphone, industrial technology has seen huge advances over the past few years.

These improvements are driving America’s manufacturing resurgence. Advanced automated manufacturing technology will allow you to do more with less to increase your productivity, and consequently improve your company’s bottom line.

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An example: On-the-fly measuring system can be adapted to other industries

A product we developed for the wood products industry called LengthScanPro™ measures logs as they enter the sawmill. No contact is needed as the logs are scanned on the fly. Measurements are accurate within an inch at line speeds up to 150 fpm.

The system then generates a processing solution and presents it to the operator or control system, trimming the smaller end of the log and increasing recovery of material. Sawmill customers have reported a 5 percent increase in productivity through the bucksaws. The product is low-maintenance, with no encoders and no photoeyes that require cleaning.

This scanning and measuring technology can be adapted for many industries, such as food and beverage processing.