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Today’s leading manufacturers demand highly integrated factories. They expect all pieces to play well together, share information and allow easy access to all manner of data from the plant floor.

We’ve developed an effective process for building that kind of a plant, or doing a full redesign of an existing factory. It’s called the Main Automation Contractor Model. We get involved early in the process, identify and engage all stakeholders, and ensure their input flows into the design and development of the plant. We lead a process that creates alignment and ensures the plant achieves the integration goals.


Reduced risk.

Smoother startup.

Shortened payback period.


A smoother, faster path to startup

Lead Integrator Hall of Fame

Our process results in a smoother, shorter startup and commissioning process. That leads to a quicker ramp-up to full production and profitability. Because we come in very early in the design, we can make sure that automation standards, networking standards, communication protocols, and access-to-data factors unique to the plant are incorporated into the design from the get-go.

As a Main Automation Contractor (MAC), we work as part of the team, side-by-side with process engineers and owners, to assure that the design-for-automation meets the needs of all stakeholders. We represent plant owners by collaborating with equipment suppliers, and make sure the process design and control-system operation is fully vetted before startup. Training begins earlier than in other models, which helps plant operators be ready to run the floor at the time of commissioning, shortening the amount of time it takes to reach production targets.

This is complex work. We have significant experience with the Main Automation Contractor Model, a well-structured project methodology and the depth of technical resources to make sure it happens smoothly. We’ve been told by a customer that for every $1 they invested in the Main Automation Contractor Model, they saved $10 on the backend by having the plant start up properly the first time.