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Got vision?

camera lensToday’s vision technology can address so many challenges – from sorting variable sized boxes on automated packaging lines to inspecting 100 percent of product at various stages in the manufacturing process.

An early Concept vision project was a rivet inspection system, and we’ve moved onto more complex systems, including pulling full sized unmanned ships out of the ocean. That project administrator indicated that we had won the competition simply because our system was the only one that worked. We also develop vision tools to meet unique challenges.

Our Vision/Robotics team thrives on learning new things and enjoys taking on projects that require unique solutions. Here are some insights from our team:

Improve picking and assemblies
Daniel Sidlauskas Miller, Senior Engineer, Oregon

We’re seeing more companies use 3D vision coupled with robots for complex picking and assemblies and quality control applications. A well set up vision system can take a large number of complex, non contact measurements and evaluate them with more focus than a person ever could.

Gain cost efficiencies
Michael Walling, Senior Engineer, North Carolina

With ever increasing advances in vision, computing power and data collection, robotics can do more than a single dedicated tasks, and perform tasks that used to require more skilled labor. Bottom line: work cell get more cost effective.

Address tough situations
Patrick Cross, Senior Engineer, Colorado

We did a cab welding line with lots of difficult processes and tight tolerances. We were able to execute it using offline programing with only a few programmers with very little floor time. It was a project where the plan really came together.

Bring it on
Doug Taylor, Principle Engineer, Oregon

Cool is not a destination to be reached, as in ‘let’s make something really cool,’ but simply an artifact of meeting and solving a particularly difficult problem. That’s what I most enjoy because of the interesting journey that I get to go on as we move toward a solution to the problem. Sometimes cool happens on those journeys, but the journey itself is the payoff.

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