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Collision Avoidance Solution

As robot automation increases in popularity, so does the need to protect expensive parts, fixtures and end effectors from collisions. Concept Systems has developed a revolutionary system comprised of 3D Vision and industrial computers, which when combined create the ability to perform real time collision avoidance calculation for robot(s) in the work cell.

Using the latest in 3D Vision technologies, our software platform features multiple modes of operation and a graphic, friendly user interface. Collision Avoidance Software provides collision protection between infinitely complex, customer defined parts and moving objects, such as stacker cranes, robots and man lifts.

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Dynamic Collision Avoidance

Ability to interface with 3D models and vision systems to understand moving and fixed object position in 3D space

Multiple Modes of Operation

Real-Time Monitoring: Constantly monitors multiple objects position and velocity to determine if objects need to be slowed or stopped to prevent collisions.
Simulation Mode: Used for testing robot programs in a simulated robotic environment prior to real robot execution.

Friendly User Interface

With real-time 3D visualizations and an alarm list for advanced control and troubleshooting