Machine Vision Systems

Visible solutions

In the last several years, machine vision systems inspection has emerged as a viable resource for the industrial market due to increased speed and reliability. As this technology has advanced, price points have dropped with the development of several manufacturing players in the market. Our machine vision solutions are typically coupled with another technology, providing advanced features. Whether it is PLC, HMI, process control, manufacturing intelligence, motion control, robotics, CNC programming, 3D laser scanning, RFID or high-speed printing and labeling — these technologies can be utilized to get more out of your existing machinery.

Concept Systems is your visionary guide to this technology. With applications including collision avoidance, non-contact encoders, non-contact tracking systems, random part feeding systems, OCR recognition, registration systems, and part identification and inspection, Concept Systems has introduced several revolutionary solutions to the industry.

A case-in-point involved the retrieval of unmanned vessels and placing them aboard U.S. Navy ships. Concept Systems’ stereoscopic vision solution enables a robotic davit crane to “see” exactly where the un-manned vessel's attachment point is located, and to predict where it will be in the future as the harsh sea forces move it. For more detail, see the full story here.

With Concept Systems’ top-notch machine vision systems, your bottom line will be visibly better than ever!