• Robotics Vision



Our job is to listen – to understand your operation, your concerns and your goals – and then deliver the right solution. The right solution means you see measurable results and return on investment. We evaluate our success based on your success.

And in the end, it’s our goal that you come to think of us not as a consultant or a vendor, or even as a nice bunch of engineers – but as a valuable and trustworthy partner who has helped make your business stronger and more profitable.

the-pointOUR PEOPLE

Bright, well-trained, curious, personable.

Who you’ll work with

We work hard to recruit the brightest engineers we can find – not only those with technical know-how, but those who also have the ability to develop strong, effective customer relationships.

Normally, a single engineer will lead a project from proposal to completion, to ensure continuity and prevent gaps in communication and understanding.


Customized, integrated, open, risk-appropriate.


Technologies we use

Our engineers stay apprised of a wide range of existing technologies from multiple companies. That way we can guide our customers to the systems that best suit their situation – and integrate multiple systems when necessary, including your plant’s existing equipment.

We don’t use “blackbox” or proprietary systems that lock users into a relationship with us. We certainly hope you choose to continue working with us. But we want that to happen because you find us to be effective, reliable, trustworthy and responsive, not because you have no other choice.

We carefully weigh the benefits of tried-and-true vs. leading-edge and “bleeding-edge” technologies for each project. The newer and more sophisticated the technology, the more risk may be involved. We’ll communicate openly about this to find the best solution for your business.